Here’s some answers to most of the questions we think you might have – but if you have a question we haven’t covered, drop us a line.

A professional account allows you to create a personalized dashboard for your clients. You can add your logo, include all relevant project information, and, of course, hand over the project to your client. With a free account you can’t hand over the project and you can’t customize the dashboard with your logo.

Your client receives an email invitation to accept the digital keys to their new home.They can then access the information you have uploaded and begin adding their own documents and details. You will have access to an archive copy of the project (as it was at handover) to ensure you keep a digital record of what you provided to the client. This will ensure that you have access to all the answers should your client need assistance.

You should be able to create a project, load all your documents, and hand it over to your client in 15 minutes. You might need extra time to assemble all the information and documents you want to include, but once you’ve done that, it’s as simple as dragging your folder of documents into HouseLab.

If you’re a volume home builder or apartment developer, you can quickly create multiple copies of similar properties within a project. We’ve designed the system to allow you to create a 20-unit multi-residential project in around 20 minutes.To help you set up multiple projects, we have created a series of videos to assist you.

When you hand over a folder of documents, or even a USB key containing property documents and information, there’s a sense of “job done, no need to talk again.” Houselab allows you to maintain a relationship with your client without putting a strain on your own resources and time. This helps deliver the kind of customer service that clients respect and will talk about within their own networks. All the good work you’ve put into creating someone’s dream home will live on thanks to a continued high-quality customer experience. After all, you may be sick of answering post-handover calls about build details, but you can be sure that the clients making these calls are even more frustrated. Houselab will reduce friction for you and, most importantly, your clients.

Our research shows that typical handovers cost a business between $500-$2000. At $100 and the 15 to 20 minutes it takes to create the project ready for handover, we know you’ll be saving money right away. We also think it will help you generate money through the positive customer experience you’ll be delivering to your clients; they’ll become advocates for your business.

Yes! Kitchens and bathrooms are high-use areas of a home, often containing specialty appliances, finishes, flooring and so on. This guarantees lots of questions, especially as many customers manage their own projects. Smaller projects tend to generate the most amount of work post-handover. HouseLab is simple enough to manage for a small project and will help you cover all the bases with your client so you can get on with your next job.

Yes! Set up a personal account for free here and test it out now. A free account won’t allow you to hand over the project to a client, customize the dashboard or keep an archive copy, but you can manage documents, set reminders, create teams, send messages and more. Once you see it in action, and fall in love with it, all you have to do is upgrade your account by purchasing credits equivalent to the number of properties you want to hand over. Each home, apartment, townhouse etc is treated as a separate project and is $100 per project. However if you have more than 20 projects to handover we can work with you to create a custom pricing schedule. Please contact sales@houselab.com.au

You can buy credits through your account settings. Just select the number of credits that you require and follow the steps.

We use Stripe; one of the largest payment management companies on the planet. Houselab doesn’t see or store any of your financial data.

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) which run the highest levels of cloud security. Protecting your data is a priority and AWS delivers gold-standard speed, stability and security.

If, like many builders and developers, you store documents all over the place – Dropbox, your computer desktop, the shelf by the window – you’re not alone! But we’re here to help. We’ve created a tagging system that preserves all your folder structures when you drag and drop your documents into HouseLab. For example, if you stored a user manual for a dishwasher in the following folder structure: Townhouse 1> Kitchen>Appliances>Dishwasher, then HouseLab converts these folders into tags, making it easy to search in groups or individual documents.

Absolutely. Some people will just want to upload documents and hand over the project but you can also do a whole lot more. If you want to include all the documents associated with a dishwasher (warranty, user guide, receipt etc) for example, they can all be tagged the same way and linked. You can even add reminders, so your client will know when the warranty runs out. There are instructional videos to help you get the most out of HouseLab, just use the HouseLab helper on the dashboard to access.

Yes! You can store all your messages in one place, keeping a record of decisions that in the past might have been communicated with email or SMS. No more searching all over the place, just keep it all in HouseLab.

HouseLab is not a project management tool! It’s a customer experience hub, one specifically designed to make handover easy for you and a pleasure for your clients.

Deficiencies are part of handing over a property, so HouseLab provides a simple deficiency management and tracking tool. Deficiencies can be submitted by your client for you to assess before committing to remediation. It’s also very transparent with everyone having access to reports. No more spreadsheets being passed around between clients and subcontractors, just HouseLab!

It sure can. HouseLab makes it easy for property managers to have all the right documentation for each property ready to go. When a tap handle breaks, there’s no need to inspect to work out what part is required for repairs, just log in, check the spec, order it and arrange the repair. HouseLab saves you time and money.

HouseLab is perfect for agents/agencies. You can set up your new owners with a branded platform rather than a bottle of champagne, then when they come to selling or buying another property, you’ll be front and centre to win their business. We also have features on our roadmap just for agencies, so it’s going to become even more useful in the not too distant future.